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A collection of game-ready low poly ancient weapons in a single Blender file. The collection includes:

1) Akinakes - an ancient Greek iron sword

2) Celtic "anthropomorphic" bronze sword

3) Falx - the weapon of choice of ancient Dacian warriors

4) Flyssa - a sword used by Berber Kabyles tribesmen designed to penetrate chain armour

5) Kopis or Kopesh - a sword invented by the Greeks and used throughout the Mediterranean

6) Rhomphaia - a stave sword used by soldiers of the Byzantine empire

7) Seax - a single bladed heavy sword used by Germanic tribes

8) Spatha - a long sword used by Roman cavalry

9) Viking Sword - a lobed broad sword in widespread use during the early Middle Ages

10) Xiphos - a type of short sword used by the Greeks around the time of the Persian wars


Buy Now$5.00 AUD or more

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AnientWeapons-Blend.7z 21 MB